• Devyn Molina

Sustainable swimwear brands for all sizes

Enjoy a sustainable summer with these five swimwear brands.

Image courtesy of Vecteezy.

While you may not be able to travel to the beachside getaway you imagined, summer is officially in full swing and that it’s time to break out the swimsuits and enjoy the sun. As you lather on sunscreen to help protect your body from a sunburn, why not buy swimwear that helps the planet? Finding the right swimsuit is a difficult task on its own, but finding a swimwear brand that is both ethical and sustainable isn’t so easy to come by.

Over the years, the fashion industry has made strides in producing sustainable and ethically made clothing to minimize the amount of waste used, therefore reducing their carbon footprint. Many fast fashion brands use materials such as nylon, polyester and Lycra to make swimwear as they are made to wick moisture away and are less expensive to produce.

Not only are these brands sustainable and ethically made, they also have a range of sizes for all types of bikini bodies this summer!


When shopping for swimwear, the way it fits your body can be a deal breaker. Summersalt has made it their mission to be a sustainable and size-inclusive brand, so much so that they took over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women to assure their customers that their swimsuits can fit all body types.

Their swimwear is made from recycled materials crafted from 78% recycled Polyamide. The fabric is said to be 4x the compression of regular suits,is made from recycled plastics, post-consumer materials and nylon waste.

Vitamin A

Rooted in female empowerment, Vitamin A wants their customers to find the right fit, feel sexy and confident but do it sustainably. Designer and founder, Amahlia Stevens, spent three years developing EcoLux, a swim fabric made from recycled nylon fibers.

In addition to the suits, the packaging is also made of organic and sustainable materials. They also pride themselves as being ethically made as they have chosen to use energy-efficient and local factories in Southern California to manufacture their products.

Deakin & Blue

Ethically made in a small factory in London, Deakin & Blue swimwear is made from Econyl, which is regenerated nylon fiber and post-consumer materials, such as old fish nets and industrial plastic. Their packaging is also made with recyclable, reusable and soy-based materials.

Deakin & Blue’s swimwear is designed to fit any body type with bikini tops and one pieces designed to fit cup sizes AA-HH and UK dress sizes 8-20.

Seea Swimwear

Made in sunny California, these sustainable swimsuits, rash guards and wetsuits are for women who love to stay active in the water.

They make their swimwear using textured recycled fabrics, Econyl, Repreve, which is made of recycled polyester yarn and a hybrid of post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer industrial waste. Since their swimwear doubles as activewear, they’re also developing a C-Skin made of recycled polyamides for more comfort and performance.

You Swim

You Swim has created a revolutionary type of swimwear that can fit up to 7 sizes all in one. No matter what size or body type, the ribbed, soft and flexible material can stretch to fit and flatter a US 2 to 14 or an UK/Australian 6 to 18.

Founded in 2018, You Swim proudly manufactures and packages their swimwear in England, where their European-sourced nylon and elastane to make the suits is woven. They ensure ethical production quality, fair worker pay and safety, using recyclable materials and being conscious of their impact on the environment.

Be sure to snatch one while you can because they sell out quickly!