Angsty Young Adult Podcast

Welcome to the Angsty Young Adult Podcast, the one podcast where womxn talk back! This podcast is meant to mirror the online article platform in that it aims to be both relevant and relatable to women and female-identifying people. In each episode, my guest and I will have a discussion on topics like mental health, sex and relationships, culture, taboo topics and normalise difficult conversations all while empowering and entertaining listeners. Every guest will truly embody what it means to be an Angsty Young Adult. 


Episode #1: Getting Restless with Olivia DeRamus

In the first episode, I will be talking to Olivia DeRamus, founder and CEO of Restless Network, an online magazine and app aimed to amplify women's voices and empower through information and connection. 


We dive right in and talk about her experience as a sexual assault survivor that motivated her to create Restless Network, what she's learned since it launched a year ago and what it's like to be an American living abroad during the current political and economical climate. 

Episode #2: Let's talk about body positivity with Raffela Mancuso

COMING SOON! We all know Instagram and social media in general can definitely take a toll on our mental health, so I sat down with Canadian social media activist and mental health advocate, Raffela Mancuso, where we discussed marginalized bodies on Instagram, fatphobia, being candid on social media about her mental health and the body positivity movement.