Welcome to Angsty Young Adult!

Angsty Young Adult is an online platform and podcast that is meant to educate and entertain providing content on topics ranging from mental health, culture, taboo topics, sex and relationships and feminism. It's also a place to showcase other forms of self expression and different projects I've been a part of. I strive to create a space for all womxn and introduce them to other inspiring womxn through interviews. 


Whoever said angst was just meant for your teenage years, has obviously never met a millennial. Being an Angsty Young Adult means standing up for what you believe in, never settling for less and constantly questioning the world around you. 

Hi, I'm Devyn. 

My name is Devyn Molina and I’m the founder of Angsty Young Adult! I’m an aspiring journalist and a recent graduate with an MA in Multimedia Journalism. For now, I'm back in Southern California girl looking for my next journalistic opportunity! If there's anything you need to know about me it's that I make way too many movie references, my hair is my most sacred possession and according to pretty much everyone I know, I talk way too much! All and all, I’m just another 25-year-old millennial with a knack for self-deprecating humor and being unapologetically myself.